Interior photography like all genres of photography, is a specific art form.  It takes time and dedication to master the complexities of shooting interiors.

Interiors are notoriously difficult to photograph. I am sure you’ve seen many photos with blown out (white) windows, or prephaps a blue or orange colour cast due to mixing daylight with interior lights.

Understanding light and how it interacts with a space, it’s surfaces and textures is key.

Being able to manipulate light; add, remove, shape and diffuse, allows the photographer to take an image from average to amazing.

In todays digital world, taking a photo is only half of the process. An in-depth working knowledge of post-production software and techniques is paramount. This gives the photographer control of all aspects of the image, allowing them to finesses and refine every last detail and apply their signature style. My goal is always to produce a natural, realistic representation of a space.